There Are Days I Hate Being Right…..

…Dear Reader may remember a post from a few days ago where we looked at the sad state that has befallen the United States Secret Service.  I posited two options that the USSS leadership (or more properly, the Department of Homeland Security, under whose aegis the USSS resides these days) could take in getting things fixed, and then asked Dear Reader to decide which one Our Federal Gummint had chosen.

Wonder no more:

“Dude, you don’t have to earn their trust. You’re their boss. They’re supposed to earn your trust,” Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, told Director Joseph Clancy. 

Stewart was responding to Clancy — trying to explain why the Secret Service has been caught up in a series of controversies and security incidents — saying it will “take time” to change the culture and he, as director, needs to “build trust” with the workforce…”

I’d expect better than that from a cop named Clancy, especially today.  Fortunately, however, the lads seem to have their priorities in order:

Secret Service Asks $8M For Simulated White House

You can NOT make this shiat up.


2 thoughts on “There Are Days I Hate Being Right…..

  1. I didn’t need a simulated Marine Corps Air Station to understand how to guard an MCAS.

    The Twelfth General Order applies:

    “To walk my post from flank to flank and take no BS from any rank.”


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