Meanwhile, Back At The Secret Service……

….My apologies for the dry spell; I have returned and the situation is well in hand.


When last we left the United States Secret Service, they were having a REALLY bad time.  Of course, when you’ve lost your way this badly, apparently the only possible option is to triple down on stupid:


Now, they haven’t asked me – and more’s the pity, I’m sure somebody has my number, and my fees are very reasonable – but when you get to the point where somebody leaks a confidential employment application (just happening to be that of a Congressional critic) to try and shut ’em up, these are your options:

*The Director goes.  NOW.  No negotiations, no “he-has-my-full-support-until-this-gets-so-bad-I-HAVE-to-86-him” dance, no grace period, nothing.  This would not have happened unless the Leaker believed that he/she/it would walk away from it.  And if that was not the Director’s attitude or intent…tough.  Instead of making efforts to ‘earn the agency’s trust’, he should have made some very quick, direct efforts to gain their fear if they screwed up.  He played Mr. Nice Appointee, and he’s clearly lost.

*The House needs to take a leaf from Wilford Brimley at the end of Absence of Malice, and show up with a briefcase full of subpoenae and start handing ’em out – and enforcing them – until somebody fesses up.

The Secret Service is responsible for the security of the most senior members of the United States Government.  At this point, I don’t trust them to know who they are much less protect them from harm.  Thus endeth today’s rant.


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